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LBCC Hall of Champions

Hall of Champions Inductees
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Hall of Champions 2018 Inductees

Gary Anderson
Men's Basketball
1969 & 1970

Michelle Nelson 
Women's Track & Field
1995 & 1996 

Rich Foster
Men's Water Polo
1969 & 1970

Dan Frost
Men's Basketball
1972 & 1973

John Harvey
1979 & 1980

Melissa Soria
Women's Water Polo
2003 & 2004

Ron Williams
Men's Track & Field
1978 & 1979

Bruce Young 
1986 & 1987

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Since winning its first state title in 1928, the Long Beach City College Athletic Department continues to amass conference, state and national titles. Our athletes play in the most demanding leagues in Southern California and have captured more state titles than any other community college in California.

Long Beach City College is recognized throughout California as both an academic and athletic leader. Thousands of LBCC athletes have received scholarships from nearly every university in the nation. We point with pride to these athletes.

Athletics is an important part of the total college experience. The athletic event provides students an opportunity to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, problem solving and leadership that can be useful in everyday life situations.

The purpose of the Hall of Champions is to recognize individuals and teams who have developed these skills and contributed to the outstanding accomplishments of the LBCC Athletic Program.

Former student athletes, championship teams, coaches, and others who have contributed significantly to Viking athletics will be eligible for a place in the Hall of Champions. A selection committee will review those nominated and an induction banquet will be held yearly to celebrate the achievements of those selected.

LBCC has always had outstanding coaches, many who have moved on to university and professional teams. Together, students and staff have made the program unparalleled in community college athletics.

The athletic department embraces every student, from the one who "just wants to play," to the one who has all the desire, dedication and talent to become an All-American or Olympian.